Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fused Glass Cabachons

I took a beginner fused glass class last Thursday and just picked up my stuff today. Next time, I think I'll put more clear on the top of them.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chainmaille Pink and Black Link Stretchy Bracelet

Part Of My Yarn Stash

Easy Round Thick Crochet Rug Pattern- Beginner Tutorial

In my stash of yarn, I had two full skeins of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick (part wool & part acrylic) yarn and decided I should finally do something with it.  I ended up making a round crochet rug with it, that I think I'll use in my bathroom in front of the sink (tile is so cold!!).  It was really easy to make and was very quick.  I'm still not decided if I am going to leave it the size it is or get another skein and make it a little bit bigger.   

Easy Round Thick Crochet Rug:
Yarn Used: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick (I used Color #144- Denim)
Hook Used: Size US N (15)/ 10mm

**If you sell or post any items made from this pattern, please include a link back to my site.  (EX- "This item was made from a pattern on Stargazun Designs" ) Thanks!!**
  •  Ch 5
    • Join to 1st stitch with sl st to form a circle.
  • Row 1:
    • Ch3 (counts as 1st DC)
    • DC 11 more into circle
    • Join with sl st to the top of the ch3
      • Total: 12 stitches
  • Row 2:
    • Ch3 (counts as 1st DC)
    • DC in 1st DC of last round
    • 2 DCs in each of the remaining DCs of the last round (11)
    • Join with sl st to the top of the ch3
      • Total: 24 stitches
  • Row 3:
    • Ch 3 (counts as 1st DC)
    • 2 DCs in next DC of last round
    • *DC in next, 2 DCs in next* - Repeat 11 times
      • Total: 36 stitches
  • Row 4:
    • Ch3 (counts as 1st DC)
    • DC in next DC of last round
    • 2 DC in next DC of last round
    • *DC in the next two , 2 DCs in next* - Repeat 11 times
      • Total: 48 stitches
  • Row 5:
    • Chain 3 (counts as 1st Double Crochet)
    • DC in next 2
    • 2 DC in next DC of last round
    • *DC in the next three , 2 DCs in next* - Repeat 11 times
      • Total: 60 stitches
  • Row 6 and on - Each row adds an additional 12 evenly spaced out stitches.  For each row, do one more DC after the Ch3 and add one DC to the section that is repeated (aka- Row6: Ch3, DC in next 3, DC2, *DC in next 4, 2DCs in next* 11 times-72 stitches)

Two skein made the rug 22 inches in diameter.  Obviously, keep going if you want a larger rug.

***Note:  This pattern will increase in the same spot on each row.  To avoid this, split up the DCs from the first repeated section. AKA- If you are doing  row 6, you will be doing *4DCs, DC2 in next* 12 times (the first time being the time where ch3 counts as the first DC).  To move the increase, DC1, DC2 in next, *3DCs, DC2 in next* 12 times and make up the two DCs that were missed at the end.  If you have any questions, please leave me a message, I'd be happy to help.***

I crochet this rug in rows, instead of continuous because I like the look of each row of circles lining up. I made it all one color because that's what I had lying around, but by crocheting it in the round, it makes it a lot easier (and more finished looking) to change between different colors.  To do this, finish a whole row, sl st to the top of the last chain, weave in ends and start the next row with a new color.

One skein

Two Skeins

Rug after second skein of yarn- just managed to finish the whole round... thats all thats left of the yarn!


In front of the sink in the bathroom

Zentangle #2

Monday, March 14, 2011

Finished Crochet Fat Bottom Bags - Purple and Blue

Yay!!! I finally finished my Fat Bottom Bag!  I ended up machine sewing in a lining that was matching purple fabric.  Its hard to tell in the picture (its closer in the pic of the blue bag), but the handles are a medium colored brown.  I crochet a flower to attach to it, and put it on a pin so I could swap out the flowers when I wanted the bag to have a new look.  After finishing the purple bag, I went back to a blue one that I had started a long time ago, and finished that one too.  In the blue bag, I found a fabric made of the same color that has a swirl design to it.  The pattern suggests using round handles, but I like the shape of these better- they naturally fit the shape of the bag.  The bags are available in my etsy shop.

Second Pair of Crochet Mary Janes

These were also made from the "Adult Mary Jane" pattern from Hook Candy Crochet.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I created my first Zentangle today.   I ended up doing it very quickly and want to re-do it all lol.   I just found out about this new art form this week, and its a very cool idea.  The general idea is that you take a square, draw lines (threads) through it and in each "box" you do a repetative pattern (a Tangle) and the goal is that its a time to relax and wind down.  I think next time I want to make my threads more rounded,  take a little time with each Tangle and work on a table instead of my lap.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Etsy Treasuries

Treasury - Shimmer and Shine in Teal
Treasury - Shimmer and Shine in Blue
On Etsy ( a website where you can sell and buy handmade or vintage items) I just recently came accross the "Treasury" section of the site. The idea is that you can go through and search through other peoples items for sale, and group 16 of them together by a common theme. I decided to try it out and I created two treasuries- both themes being specific colored (teal and deep blue) glass bead jewelry (and the blue one is half flowers). Etsy goes through the listing of handmade treasuries and everyday pick one to showcase on the main page. I had a fun time doing it because it gets you to look around the site and see all of the cool items other artisans have created.

Baby Card