Sunday, June 10, 2012

Solomons Knot Gold Crochet Shrug - Second Trial

 As I mentioned in my original Solomons Knot Shrug post, the shrug I made from the pattern on page two of the linked post above didn't end up fitting quite right around the arms so I tried it again and it ended up fitting much better. :)  Below I explained what I did for the second shrug.
*Also to note: for this shrug I used two strands held together of Vanna's Glamour Yarn in Topaz with an I hook.

1. Crochet a rectangle of Solomons Knot crochet the width of your shoulders (measuring behind your neck all the way to the end of each shoulder) and the height of the distance around your arm plus a little wiggle room.   The basics of the Solomons knot can be found here.

2. Single crochet along one long side of the rectangle (the shoulder distance). Continue the single crochet around the corner to the short side.  At the end of that short side, I joined the last stitch to the first stitch of the short side with a single crochet. 
3. After joining the first side (which creates the first arm hole) I continued the single crochet on the next long length.  Again, with the second short side, I single crochet the whole length and then joined the end stitch back to the first stitch of the side with a single crochet.  At this point there should be three 'sections' - two arm hole circles and one circle for your body.
4.  To finish the ends off, I double crochet three rows around the body section - making sure not to include the arm holes.  I then did the same (three rows of DC) around each of the arm holes. 
5. Done! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Black And Pink Hobo Bag - Sweet Pea Totes Pattern

I just finished this bag from a Simplicity Sweet Pea Totes Pattern.
This is the first item that I've made from a pattern in years (since working on costumes for a school play) and the first full sized bag I've made. It took a while since I've been so busy lately but it was worth the wait!