Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kitty In A Box Helping Me Craft

One of my two grey cats, Bailey loves cardboard boxes.  As i was taking the photos she was very interested in sniffing the camera, so I was actually able to get some of her looking at the camera (which with the other cat is hard to do).

First Time Using Martha Stewarts Weave Loom

I just got the Martha Stewart Knit and Weave Loom this weekend and this is my first time giving it a whirl.  I really am only interested in weaving with it- I know how to knit and it seems like it would take more time to use the loom.  I saw a number of articles about it when it came out, but I really became interested in it when I went into the store and saw a sample made with the loom.  The woven yarn is so soft! I also have a loosely woven blanket that I got from my sister-in-law that I've always really liked. 

I have a medium sized wooden loom (about two feet long) that I've used before to make beaded bracelets but there is too much involved to make anything useful with yarn.  I know it is fairly easy to  make your own square with nails on each side, but the great thing about this is how easy it is to change the side/shape of the loom.

I read some reviews before buying and a couple of people complained because the pegs dont all sit at the same height (some go in farther than others).  I've noticed this while using it, but it hasn't made any difference in what I'm doing. Another complaint was that there were not very many instructions which I found to be true, but thats what the internet is for!

After getting it home, I went through the Lion Brand Weaving Patterns site and am excited about trying out this scarf pattern.

Its a neat tool, I'm excited to try out different items with it.  I think the first project will be an easy blanket of woven squares.

Green and Tan Wheel Thrown Small Bowl

Yay! I finally threw something that looks like a real pot!

I made this during my second pottery class but didn't get it back until recently.  The pot came out fairly well, I could have smoothed the middle a bit, but the disappointing part of this pot was the green glaze.  It looks great when looking at it straight on, but I must not have let it drip enough and there is a big blob of glaze on the top of the pot.  Live and learn.
 I've left it at work and it is the perfect size for oatmeal (doesn't fit much else).
In this photo you can see the excess of green glaze on the side.  I always leave it with this side facing the wall...

Sewn Ruched Front Teal and Green Wristlet

I got the pattern for this cute Gathered Clutch on  I used some coordinating fabric scraps left over from a quilt that I made.  I added on a strap for my wrist because if its not attached to me theres a very good chance I'll loose it.  

If I make another one I will make sure to read through all of the comments first- I messed up the tabs on the zippers ( like many other people said they did) and people gave some tips on how to do it right (which would have made the corners more square instead of smushed triangular shaped).