Thursday, January 20, 2011

Reupholsterd Dining Room Chairs

We purchased our dining room set two years ago second hand after going and looking at the prices of new sets (some places it was over $1000 just for a hutch).  I like the set, but have been wanting to reupholster the chairs ever since we got it. The old fabric (left side) was really not my style, plus a couple of them had small stains.  We ended up reupholstering with a blue shiny fabric- and since I love blue, I love the new chairs.  Both of our parents had reupholsterd items before, and with their knowledge and tutorials we found online, everyone says to staple down the middle of the bottom and top first.  We tried it like this, but found it really hard to line up the new pattern accross the bottom, so in the end we staple all of bottom down and work from there.  The tensions seemed to work out, and it got the bottom lined up perfectly.

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