Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally Glazed The Rest Of My Pottery Pieces....

I missed the last class of the pottery class I took in the spring, so I made up the class tonight.  We glazed all of the pieces that we hadn't glazed yet in this class.  One of the item I made was a box with a  lid, and since the teacher fires both pieces together (the top on top of the box), I would have only been able to glaze a part of it (so they don't stick together), so I decided to leave that one natural and only do a clear glaze in the inside.  For the other pieces that I did glaze- I feel like I need a lot more practice.  I have a tendency to get way too much glaze on the pieces which makes it hard to pick up to put a second glaze on, because I end up wiping off some of the glaze.   I also have a tendency to pick up the piece by the glazed side instead of the unglazed side.  I think I tend to do that when the glaze is lighter than the clay.  One piece in particular that I grabbed while still wet has 'touch up' glaze on it, and I'm wondering if it will look even when it comes out of the kiln. 

Can't wait to see how they all came out!

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