Thursday, August 21, 2014

Peacock Inspired Ombre Subtle Manic Panic Blue and Purple Dyed Hair

Peacock Inspired Subtle Manic Panic Blue and Purple Ombre Dyed Tips
Peacock Inspired Subtle Manic Panic Blue and Purple Ombre Dyed Tips

With 30 right around the corner (RIGHT around the corner) I have found myself reflecting back on how I've changed through the years.  Its almost been 13 years since I was in high school!  That is absolutely mind-boggling since in a lot of ways I feel very much the same.  My interests and hobbies haven't changed very much and with many I doubt that they ever will.  In fact, many things I enjoy today I've enjoyed since way before high school.  This past Halloween I found some awesome pins of people with funky colored hair and fell back in love.  In high school/college I would periodically dye my hair red, blue and purple with Xtreme Effects semi-permanent hair dye.  I have fairly dark brown hair and I loved how the "weird" hair colors over my natural hair produced a subtle but noticeable change.  My friend Kelly recently came into work with the ends of her highlighted hair dip dyed in a purple/pink color and it was a great reminder of how much I loved dying my hair.  I originally got only "Purple Haze" purple dye from Manic Panic. I loved the color but  I found it didn't really last too long and it was super subtle- only noticeable in sunlight.  I went back again and got "After Midnight" blue Manic Panic dye and was a little disappointed with the results - I guess in the front of my head my hair was a bit lighter and while the dye was dark blue, it came out teal when my hair was lighter.  I over dyed the blue tips with the purple (I still have tons left of both) and it came out awesome.  It only lasted about a week and a half but I will most definitely be doing it again.

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