Friday, February 25, 2011

UConn Crochet Blanket

I just got back from a snowboarding vacation in Utah, and while I was there, started a blanket I'm making for my husband when he graduates (with his PhD!- DOCTA lol) from UConn. I decided I'd make it all out of granny squares since the pattern fit nicely into squares.  It was a great project to work on (espically on the plane) because I didnt have to follow a pattern, I could use all one skein (I used a Caron One Pound in Cape Cod Blue) and I didn't have to hold anything too big.  I got 17 squares done which I guess is a good start but still a bunch left to do.  Luckily he's been a student (at least part time) for 10 years so far with at least a year left to go so he's giving me plenty of time to finish. :-)

Layout of the blanket is below. The squares are 5 inches wide and have five rows each.  The base size is 9 squares x 11 squares, but I might make it a little bit larger (add more squares around it).  I could make the squares larger instead, but I think I like having more of a border around the inner UC.
 On the graph, the colors are actually swapped- the UC will be in white and the rest will be blue.
Layout of the blanket.  The inner rectangle is 9x11- the outer lines are just what I'm guessing I'm giong to add to the inner rectangle to make the blanket big enough.  I could make the squares larger also, but I think I like having more of a border around the inner UC.

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