Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cora Wall designs

A girl should be two things...
3 different font styles.  I can do different stuff too.

Love in languages
Did you want just the word Amore? Or "Thats amore?"    I can do that if you want.
I only mocked them up in French.  I will do the English and Italian in whatever style you want (they can all be different if you want).    The hearts can be there, not be there, be straight, be sideways the way these are, or i can do something else too if you want.
Text outlined with text and heart colored (outline not colored):
Text only:

Heart colored:

Text and negative space in color

Some different fonts and what they look like in each language:

Cora stats
A couple different layouts.  I can mix/match and i can
do other fonts or layouts
Last/Middle name up top, header titles above the stats: 
Middle/Last name at bottom, header titles below stats:

Some other fonts I could use for the Cora stats sheet:

Cora name meaning: (I can use different fonts for stuff too)
In a heart:

With a tiny heart below:

Darling you are fabulous in different fonts- can do different layout or fonts

You musn't be afraid....
Can do different fonts/layouts

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